Biosamples: 3 Seq. Projects: 3
GOLD Study ID Gs0111507
Study Name Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) euryarchaeal community from UBA/ UBA BS sites, at Richmond mine, Iron Mountain, CA
Other Names Acidic Mine, Environmental sample
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Legacy ER Study ID 18567
Legacy GOLD ID Gm00332
Added By Ioanna Pagani on 2011-01-21
Last Modified By Michelle Isbandi on 2013-10-24
PI Name Jill Banfield
Description SDNA was extracted from 2 separate biofilms (UBA and UBA BS) that were collected underground at the Ultraback A location (UBA site) in the Richmond Mine, Iron Mountain, CA. Iron Mountain is located at 40 deg 40' 38.42'' N and 122 deg 31' 19.90'' W (elevation ~ 3,100 ft). The UBA sample (collected June 2005) was a pink subaerial biofilm whereas the UBA BS sample (collected November 2005) was a thick floating biofilm that was subdivided into strips.
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Ecosystem Environmental
Ecosystem Category Aquatic
Ecosystem Type Freshwater
Ecosystem Subtype Groundwater
Specific Ecosystem Unclassified
Metagenomic Study Yes
Number of Biosamples 3
Number of Seq. Projects 3
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